Day 23: Maybe There Is Still Hope for Love

7 Mar

I often say that there is nothing permanent but plastic. Yes, on many things in life, I’m a pessimist, and yeah, maybe I’m jaded. I tend to apply this theory on love, especially when it comes down to the romantic kind. While I do enjoy chick flicks and what not, it has been often hard for me to think and feel that it is something everlasting. Maybe I think it is from the over-commercialization of love that I have observed, or maybe all the breakups and divorces that I have witnessed around me.

But I recently ran into a story that is made into a documentary movie in Korea called “Planet of Snail,” and I saw a tiny possibility that my thought could change. The documentary is observing a couple’s life. The thing that is special about this couple is the fact that both of them are handicapped. The wife had some spinal issues when she was younger, causing her to be very short. The husband cannot see or hear due to illness when he was young, although he can speak. The wife learned sign language, and she communicates her thoughts with him with her fingers, holding his hands. It takes tremendous effort for the couple to change a light bulb, because she is too short and he cannot see or hear. But they make it work together while she speaks to him with hands, and he sees the light bulb (and the world) through her.

The husband is an aspiring writer, and his sentences that are shown in the trailer are simply beautiful (and you will know what I mean if you are someone who appreciates Korean literature and language at all), full of imagination and freedom. And I firmly believe that his words are coming from his connection with his wife. Their words might be limited in human language perhaps, but the love that I saw in these people was something more than tangible words that any “normal” human beings can produce with their limited imagination.

After all, the things that we think are important in romantic relationships (with the potential contractual institution of marriage) –how we look, how much money we have, how well one can express his/her love for the other, how many friends the potential partner has, what kind of talent one can show off— may have nothing to do with love, because they ultimately don’t matter when it comes down to what the two people in the relationship share. What made me want to watch the trailer for more than 10 times was the “love” that I have never seen before. They opened different worlds for each other and saw the possibilities that one could not even dream of by himself/herself. They are completely in love with the universe they are creating with each other everyday.

IF this is not love, if this is not permanent, what is? I heard people say love is all about courage, and these are probably the most courageous people that I have seen in a long time.

(photo from Yonhap News,


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