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First full week

17 Aug

So Help me God,

to pursue happiness not materials,

wisdom and passion not greed,

and life so that

I can get to know myself and others deeply.


prayer for the new beginning

9 Aug

… as the new semester begins…

Dear God,

Whoever you may be,

Wherever you are,

Thank you for the grace for

another day that I can breathe, learn,

and believe that I am very much alive.

Allow me to become

the person that I desire to be,

yet give me the strength to

not to be overtaken by my desire.

Help me to stay strong,

yet not stubborn so that

I can open up myself to new possibilities everyday.

Send me to strange places

and challenge me with the smell of the new air,

the vision of new colors

that you have planned for my life

that is yet to be made.

Provide me with the courage to love with all of my heart,

whether it is a person, an idea, a book, a tree, a place,

yet do not let me to forget to love and get to know myself,

who will be new and different everyday.

Remind me to compliment at least five times a day,

not to be flattered back,

but because I really mean it,

because I really appreciate the beauty of the relationship that I have with the people.

Help me to remember everyday that

I am very much loved by my family and friends

and that is the most important element of my growth.

Don’t let me overlook my work,

yet remain flexible and spontaneous enough

to prioritize my other passion when necessary.

Help me to see happiness and be thankful

even in the moments of despair and sadness

because I know that little bumps will make me a wholesome human being.

Provide me with the wisdom that

the most important thing in my life is not the material wealth,

but the strengths in my inner core and my spiritual growth

that I should continuously put effort into.

Dear God,

thank you for leading my life,

whoever you may be,

wherever you are.